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Mondays & Wednesdays 10am - 2pm

Weekly Fun Activities - Transport Provided

'Your Local Friendship Group'

  • An opportunity to get out more
  • Retain your independence
  • Make new friends
  • Set and achieve new goals
  • Keep learning new things
  • Boost your happiness
  • Be part of something really fun

Activities are offered to suit each person’s own interests and ideas. Art and craft projects, word games, carpet-bowls, bobs, billiards, pool, singing, painting, doing gentle exercise, gardening, reading and doing crosswords are examples plus so much more is offered.

Enjoy door to door pick up and drop off bus service, morning teas, tea & coffee, snacks, a range of activities and delicious hot lunches.

You’ll be invited to go on monthly outings, attend picnics, BBQs and to visit tourist sights, gardens, cafes and restaurants. Group sightseeing is a fun and safe way to see the sights, with trained staff to assist as needed.

Who is eligible for this service?

Individuals that have a disability or an ABI regardless of age, older people and the frail, people who come from a culturally diverse background, people who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, people with dementia, GLBTI, people financially disadvantaged or living remotely and those who are socially isolated.

Where is this service?

In Bass, Victoria, in a quiet peaceful town, in a very relaxed setting. A cosy, friendly place with gardens, a veggie patch and heritage buildings.

What do I do next?

Call us 5678 2277 or drop in on a Monday or Wednesday, Bass School Road, Bass.

We invite you to join us, it’s lots of fun!

You will enjoy being active outside your home with this low cost local group.

There is a small fee charged which covers your transport, activities, morning tea & lunch.

There are optional special outing days, where you would pay for your own meal and drinks at various venues we attend, as well as any entry fees. Outings are fun but they are optional.

Our bus picks people up from: Corinella, Coronet Bay, Grantville, Pioneer Bay, The Gurdies, Tenby Point and Bass. If you live in another nearby town call us to discuss the possibilities.

Joining our group is a way to add fun and joy into your life, or the life of someone you care for. It's a choice for further or improved care arrangements and for you to keep your independence, improve your quality of life and make some new friends. Call our friendly staff on 5678 2277.

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